Rated pressure of all pump units: 70 bar (1000 psi)

* Without losses over pressure regulator (bypass).
** Flow rates below the lower limit can cause overheating and damage the pump unit.
*** Approximate values: applicable for the nozzles 7340/7341/7344 at 70 bar (ca. 5,3 l/h per nozzle). Values below this range can cause damages.

Dimensions D-Line pump unit

Diagram no. of nozzles – necessary flow rate

The nozzles can work with 50/70 bar.

The lower the pressure, the smaller is the water consumption per nozzle.

The pressure loss in the pipes results in lower pressures at the end of the line.

Correlation between Eco (old) and D-Line (new)

* Optional for vibration damped wall mounting of every D-Line pump unit the additional module art. 7290 is available.