Poultry drinkers

The CombiMaster nipple drinkers are the answer to the needs of the modern poultry farmer: an optimal solution for growing chickens, broilers, laying hens and breeding stock under the best possible environmental and hygienic conditions.

The unique design of the CombiMaster makes the farmer’s job easier, thanks to its reliability and ease of cleaning.

Turkey drinkers

Lubing EasyLine drinkers are designed to ensure the right water supply for turkeys at every stage of their growth, from weaning to fattening.

Easyline 2.0 version benefits of a new pendulum with two nipples which ensures even greater reliability of the drinker, both in terms of durability and ease of maintenance.

Conveyors for egg collection

Collecting, counting, transferring and transporting eggs from your hens has never been easier thanks to Lubing egg conveyors!

More than 70 years of working with farmers around the world has allowed us to develop a range of egg handling products to fit virtually any poultry farm.

Farm cooling with evaporative panel

The Pad Climate technology is based on an evaporative pad, which can be made of paper or plastic, for cooling and humidifying the air that circulates inside the farms.

The Pad Climate is an innovative farm cooling system that allows animals to grow robustly in a healthy environment.

LUBING GeenTec - greenhouse plants

Evaporative pads for greenhouses, ideal for all situations where a high efficiency natural cooling system is required.

Fogging systems for greenhouses that use the principle of direct evaporative cooling to effectively cool and humidify the ambient air.

Conveyor belts for greenhouses, modular with elements designed and conceived to meet any type of requirement.