Drinkers for Rabbits
Stainless steel drinkers

Drinkers for Rabbits with the LUBING stainless steel nippel

The LUBING nipple drinkers are made of stainless steel.

They have proved their operational efficiency a million time.

The complete drinking system is nearly maintenancefree and shows nearly no wear after years of use.

The square pipes as well as all attachment parts are made of height quality plastic.

Due to the various installation possibilities the animals are not able to gnaw at the plastic parts.

The LUBING Drinking-Systems offer a continual supply of fresh water for the animal and this means an optimum of hygiene.

The installation is possible in all wire cages, wooden or asbestos cement boxes.

There-fore we use the PVC square tube with directly screwed in drinking nipples, with drinking nipples screwed in extensions or with clip brackets with according tube connection.

For both systems a watertank with max. 30 cm water column to the stainless steel nipple and an according high breather unit is necessary.

LUBING offers consequently an optimal and excellent value Drinking-System for rabbits.