Accumulator table
for egg transport

Accumulator Table for egg transport

The advantages of the LUBING Accumulator table:

1. Plastic mat

Flexible and robust plastic mat with a modular structure.

The individual elements of the plastic mat have been optimized for simplified cleaning

2. Guides

Use of the guide units with the length adjustment function allows various intake and outtake widths to be realized easily

3. Jam switch

The integrated jam switch monitors the fill level of the Accumulator table during operations.

In case of an overload, the feed belts are stopped for the protection of the eggs

4. Structure

The frame of the Accumulator table consists of massive square tubing which is joined using stabilizing angle brackets.

5. Structure

Precise height adjustment of the frame is made possible using integrated screw drive spindles.

Technical data

• Corrosion-resistant frame made of stainless steel with an integrated height adjustment of 830 to 1.110 mm
• Modular plastic elements with hinge joints
• Dimensions of the table (length and width) can be custom-fitted in accordance with customer specifications

• Belt speed: 5,3 meters/minute
• Leading angles up to 22° secure the gentle delivery of eggs
• Reduction of broken eggs via integrated jam switches
• Drive system via the offset geared motors of the LUBING Conveyor-Systems (0,37 kW, special voltages by request)