Cleaning Cubes
Waste air purification
for Pigsties

Waste air purification for pigsties Cleaning Cubes

The LUBING CleaningCubes are a modular two-stage system for waste air purification for pigsties.

The optional downstream biological
stage is responsible for odor reduction
and is always fully operational to allow uniform growth of the biology.

The process

In the LUBING CleaningCubes, each exhaust fan is followed by its own ChemCube to wash dust and ammonia from the exhaust air.

For this purpose, acidic washing water (pH 3) is sprayed as soon as the air enters the ChemCube in order to utilize the entire available space with correspondingly long contact times.

This is followed by washing over a 20 cm thick plastic pad.

A droplet separator removes entrained droplets from the air.

The ChemCubes can be operated in pairs with a large pump or supplied separately with a smaller pump.

The BioCube, which is optionally placed afterwards, provides efficient odor reduction with root wood that is gentle on operating costs.

To ensure uniform growth of the biology, all BioCubes are linked to each other so that the entire root wood wall is always supplied with air.

LUBING CleaningCubes can be used both in new buildings and as a retrofit in existing houses.

1. TechnicCube

• supplies up to eight CleaningCubes

2. ChemCube

• one ChemCube cleans up to 25,000 m³/h of exhaust air from ammonia and dust

• spraying of the washing water in the ChemCube for optimum cleaning performance

3. BioCube

• optional for additional reduction of odors

• coupled root wood wall elements

• constant aeration for optimal bio-growth

4. Control

• regulates functions and takes over all controls fully automatically

5. Pad and droplet separator

• effective cleaning in smallest space

• combination of 1st pad (left) and 2nd mist eliminator

6. Root wood in the BioCube

• ideal breeding ground for bacterial degradation of the odorous particles

• torn pieces for maximum surface area and intensive effect

7. Wash water

• the acid wash water is produced by adding sulfuric acid

• delivery in practical IBCs

8. Blowdown water

• used wash water is pumped into a collection tank

• can be used as organic fertilizer

Advantages of the Lubing waste air purification

• Smallest size possible due to two outlet surfaces.

• Number of Cubes used can be adapted to the needs of the house size.

• Thanks to chemical stage only very little blowdown water.

• Supplied in prefabricated individual parts.

• Also suitable for partial exhaust air treatment.

• Optional BioCubes for odor reduction.

Technical data


The plant is delivered in prefabricated individual parts.

This results in a very low transport volume, so that no heavy transport is required.

All necessary welding seams are already set, so that the CleaningCubes can be assembled on site by simply plugging and screwing them together.

A large part of the work can also be done by the customer, if desired.