Brooder guard
for rearing

Brooder guard for rearing

The LUBING brooder guard, Art. 4510-09, made of plastic, will be put together to rings for rearing.

With the connecting hings, Art. 4512-09, the single brooder guards will be joined together at the top and at the botton for easy steady standing and dismantling.

The light plastic sections (800 x 400 mm) can easily be assembled and dismantled by one person.

The complete ring can be transported with the handle.

Slots for floor-watering-lines can be easily cut with a knife at the perforated separation-marks.

For tightening up and stabilization, the stabilizer, Art. 4511-09, will be moved to the upper edge.

Therefore, the brooder guard will be stabilized at the slots.

The size of the brooder guard rings can be extended without problems.

The limited view calms the animals and the gridshape guarantees air circulation.

After cleaning, the brooder guard is nearly unlimited

Brooder guard Art. 4510-09

Stabilizer Art. 4511-09

Connecting hinges Art. 4512-09