Cleaning Unit
Conveyor chains cleaning

Cleaning Unit for conveyor chains

Secure and reliable cleaning of all LUBING conveyor chains

The principle
The LUBING cleaning unit was developed to clean conveyor chains for conveyor systems.

Cleaning is carried out using ultrasound and hot water with an added cleaning agent.

As such, the unit safely and reliably removes dirt from the entire conveyor chain, thus eradicating breeding grounds for bacteria and fungal infestations.

The cleaning unit can be retrofitted to an existing conveyor system.

To do so, a permanently installed deflecting unit is required for the lower chain in the conveyor system.

The cleaning tank can be stationary or mobile.

Cleaning procedure
Using the deflection unit, the lower chain is submerged into the cleaning tank. This is then filled with water. The integrated heating system is switched on and the water is heated to approx. 80°C. Cleaning agent is added to the
filled tank at a ratio of 1-3%.

The cleaning procedure begins when the oscillator is switched on. The conveyor is also switched on and runs at the standard speed (7m/min) through the tank. The chain is automatically dried by the heated rods after having passed through the cleaning tank.

When the cleaning procedure is complete, the conveyor chain can be removed from the tank once again, using the deflection unit. The cleaning fluid is then drained from the tank – for example, into a waste water channel (please ensure compliance with local requirements!).

After each cleaning process, the cleaning tank must be cleaned using fresh water.

Cleaning tank

The mobile cleaning tank, on rollers, contains two ultrasound units for the cleaning of the chains and heating elements to heat the water.

Dimensions: 140 cm x 82 cm x 110 cm.


The cleaning unit is operated via the control panel on the cleaning tank.

The control display for the temperature can also be found here.

Protective cover

For normal collection mode, the protective covers are simply attached.

The protective covers are important to prevent potential contact.

Limit switch

The limit switch monitors the correct locking of the deflecting unit and prevents damage to the conveyor chain.

Deflecting unit

The deflecting unit moves the conveyor chain through the cleaning tank, to clean it.

In order to remove the tank after cleaning, the deflecting unit is wound up.

Cleaning agent

Depending on the level of contamination 1-3% of the alkaline, solvent-free special cleaner (IWR 31 L) is added to the waterfilled basin.


Guides that are securely screwed to the floor ensure that the cleaning unit is always positioned in exactly the same place for the cleaning procedure.

Cleaning basket*

Thanks to the removable cleaning basket, other parts can also be cleaned using the cleaning tank.

(*optionally available, similar to image)

Advantages at a glance:

• Reliably cleans conveyor chains for egg transport using ultrasound, thus removing contamination and eradicating breeding grounds for bacteria, salmonella or fungal infestations

• Can be integrated directly into the conveying line – can also be retrofitted

• Can be stationary or mobile

The contaminated chain (top image) is submerged into the cleaning tank, passes through it once at the normal conveying speed and emerges completely clean (bottom image).

Main facts at a glance

Dati tecnici

• The heating of the water in the cleaning tank takes approx. 180 minutes.

• The actual cleaning process with a conveying distance of 100 m (corresponds to a chain length of 200 m) lasts for approx. 30 minutes (7m/ min).

• Depending on the level of contamination of the chain, 2 to 3 cycles are required.

• Regular cleaning intervals of at least 3 months are advisable. If required, cleaning should be carried out more frequently.

• A tank full of cleaning fluid is sufficient for approx. 600m of conveyor chain.

• After each cleaning process, the cleaning tank must be cleaned using fresh water.

• When draining the cleaning fluid into a waste water channel, please make sure to comply with local regulations!

Required components

• Deflecting unit

• Mobile cleaning tank incl. two ultrasound units and heating elements (dimensions: 140 x 82 x 110 cm)

• Cleaning agent

Technical requirements

• Fresh water supply line

• Power supply 32 A

• Drainage channel