Compact Cleaning Unit
Secure and reliable cleaning

Compact Cleaning Unit for conveyor chains

Secure and reliable cleaning of all LUBING conveyor chains

The principle
The compact LUBING cleaning unit has been developed to clean conveyor chains for egg transport.

Cleaning takes place on ultrasound basis with hot water and under addition of a cleaning agent.

The unit thus cleans the entire conveyor chain of dirt securely and reliably and removes hotbeds for bacteria and fungus infestation.

The cleaning unit can be integrated into a present conveyor system subsequently.

For this, the connecting part with deflection for the lower chain in the conveyor is required.

The cleaning basin can be used as a stationary or mobile system.

Cleaning process
The cleaning basin is attached to the connecting part with deflection from below and fastened there. Then it is filled with water. The integrated heating is switched on and the water is heated to approx. 80°C.

Cleaning agent is added to the filled tank at a ratio of 1-3%. The cleaning process starts when the conveyor system and the ultrasonic unit are switched on. The conveyor chain runs through the basin and
stops every 30 to 120 seconds for an intensive cleaning of the current
chain section.

The heated rods automatically dry the chain again after passing the
basin. When cleaning is terminated, the cleaning liquid can be drained
from the basin – e.g. into a dirt water channel (please observe the
local provisions!).

The basin is then removed downwards. After each cleaning process, the basin must be thoroughly flushed with fresh water.

Connecting part with deflection

The connecting part with deflection leads the conveyor chain for cleaning through the basin.

The connecting part is integrated directly into the conveyor line


The basin contains an ultrasound unit (floor oscillator) to clean the chains and heating elements to heat the water.

Size: depending on type.


The stable attachment by a bolt system ensures a secure stand and best alignment of the ultrasound basin.

Liquid sensor

The system is equipped with a sensor that monitors the cleaning liquid level in the basin and performs a complete deactivation at dry running.


The cleaning unit is operated via the control element at the basin.

The temperature is pre-set in the system.

Dual timer

Depending on the degree of soiling of the conveyor chain, set the time interval for the stopping of the chain in the cleaning basin to 30, 60 or 120 seconds.


Depending on the level of contamination 1-3% of the alkaline, solvent-free special cleaner (IWR 31 L) is added to the waterfilled basin.

Shut-off valve

The stably constructed shut-off valve is placed directly next to the controls at the basin.

The large opening ensures smooth outflow even of larger solids.

The benefits at a glance:

• Reliably cleans conveyor chains for egg transport of dirt with ultrasound and thus removes any hotbeds for bacteria, salmonella or fungus infestation

• Can be directly integrated into the conveyor line – also subsequently

• Can be used as a stationary or mobile system

The uncleaned chain (figure above) enters into the basin and runs through it.

When the cleaning process is complete, the chain is free of deposits (figure below).

At a glance

Technical data

• The heating process requires approx. 90 min. depending on the volume and the heating capacity.

• The cleaning perfomance can be adjusted via the dual timer. The time for the stop of the chain can be varied from 30 to 120 seconds.

• The duration of the cleaning process at a conveyor length of 100 m (chain length of 200 m) needs depending on the setting of the dual timer between 2 and 6 hours.

• Regular cleaning intervals of at least 3 months are suitable. If the demand is accordingly high, cleaning should take place more frequently.

• One container filling of cleaning liquid is sufficient for approx. 200 m conveyor chain.

• After each cleaning process, the basin must be thoroughly flushed with fresh

• When draining the cleaning liquid into a dirt water channel, observe the local provisions!

Required components

• Connecting part with deflection

• Mobile basin incl. ultrasonic unit and heating elements

• Cleaning agent

Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)

Type 350: 800 x 870 x 520
Type 500: 800 x 1020 x 520
Type 750: 800 x 1270 x 520

Technical prerequisites

• Fresh water supply

• Power supply 32 A

• Dirt water channel