Curve Conveyor
for egg transport

Curve Conveyor belt
for transporting eggs

Many years of experience with LUBING Conveyor-Systems confirm our worldwide leading position.

The Curve Conveyor LUBING is a conveyor belt for transporting eggs of crucial importance on farms of all sizes and types.

Variations in battery arrangement always require a tailor-made individual solution.

Curve Conveyor for egg transport

Construction, function, technical details

LUBING based its egg conveyor on the following principles:

• maximum operational safety and minimum maintenance.
• a unit construction system with elements designed to cope with any imaginable spot requirements, all kinds of curves, large differences in height and distances.
• conveyor chain widths of between 200 and 750 mm (8 in. – 30 in.).
• capacities ranging from 15,000 to 65,000 eggs per hour.
• optimum rentability.

The conveyor chain runs on stable plastic sliding profiles. The straight sections of the conveyor belt consist of connecting elements either 1 m, 2 m or 3 m long. The side profiles and cross-struts are made of anodized aluminium.

All plastic sliding profiles and guide elements are wear and tear-resistant and can be easily replaced on the system.

Intermediate drive

Conveyors over approx. 50 m length need an intermediate drive to support the front drive.

Large conveyors require several intermediate drives.

End piece

Simple and safe redirection of the conveyor chain at the end with guide rollers.

Pivoting unit

Pivoting units are needed for upward gradients or downward gradients in the conveyor.

These pivoting units are infinitely adjustable.

Bend 90 degree

For curve guidance standard bends are available in 180°, 90°, and 45°-bends.
Bends can be made in all degree numbers.

The LUBING Guide Unit

The LUBING Guide unit is used to distribute eggs evenly across the conveyor chain and to move them away from the transfer areas.

Connecting element

Connecting parts are available in closed and lateral open versions.

The open profiles with dirt plates will be used at transfers.

Front drive

The front drive is the main drive for the conveyor.

The tension unit for the correct tension of the chain is integrated in this drive.

The LUBING Electric Drip-Oiler

The LUBING Electric Drip-Oiler offers automatic lubrication of the conveyor chain.

The conveyor chain is properly lubricated for smooth and troublefree operation.

Multiple drive

The multiple drive was developed for multi-tier conveyor.

Hereby one engine, with a main drive shaft, can drive several conveyor lines at the same time.

The central element of the curve conveyor: LUBING conveyor chain

The galvanized conveyor chain consists of two tempered external chains with rods welded in between.

The horizontal rods are placed at an even level to ensure that eggs are gently placed on the conveyor, can easily make their way through transfer areas and are not crushed on the inside of bends.

Please see the information sheet „Conveyor Chains“ for details concerning the applicable conveyor chain angles.

Plastic covered rods can help to reduce egg damage at critical transfer points.

The plastic surface increases the damping and protection of the eggs even under extreme climate conditions.

This conveyor chain version is available in width of 500 and 750 mm.

Main facts at a glance

System widths

The width of the curve conveyor determines its capacity.

At a speed of seven meters per minute capacities are:

The height required can be reached by means of adjustable floor supports.
Several varieties are available and can be used as required.

For safety reasons the conveyor chain is clad on both sides in a red chain cover.

When an egg lift is used for conveyance a
telescopic unit is required.

This unit is completed with balancing and pivoting units on both sides and can be added at any point along the curve conveyor.

Its length has to be in accordance with the height of the battery and will be produced
according to individual requirements.

What we offer

We will be happy to create a madeto- measure recommendation to suit your individual requirements.

Driving units

The right choice of the drive units will depend on the length of the conveyor
line, the different height levels and
the number of bends.
The individual engagement positions of the drives are calculated in the framework of the project for each project individually.
Therefore we recommend you to request for any project a layout.

This ensures the selection of the correct
drive positions and ensures the
smooth operation of the conveyor
system for a long time.

Telescopic unit