The Dirt Trap addon helps reducing the amount of free floating, coarse suspended solids in the upper pipe assembly.

Keeping the system cleaner and helping to keep up a stable operation.

The system traps suspended solids in a vertical pipe during operation.

Preventing blockage of the water distribution pipes.

The big ball valve allows a fast and easy flushing of the system.

Reducing your maintenance time, increasing reliability and makes cleaning the system just a little bit easier.

The Addon arrives with all required parts.

Replace the Endcap with the transition piece and glue assemble the traps main body as shown below.

After the glue is cured, dry fit the assembly, including the pipe support bracket.

Mark your drilling positions for the bracket as needed.

Last step Glue Main body, transition piece together, mount the bracket onto supporting wall and close the system with the old endcap.