E-Dos Touch 1 & 2
the electrical doser

E-Dos Touch 1 & 2
The electrical doser

Highest accuracy
Very easy to handle
Highly resistent against acids

LUBING E-Dos 2 Touch is certified by an independent institute according to DIN 10529-2.
Thus, the doser fulfills the requirements of the guide “Oral administration of veterinary medicines in the livestock sector through feed or drinking water” of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

DIN 10529-2:2012-10

Dosing apparatus for the oral medication of powdery or liqiud proprietary medicinal products at farm livestock – Part 2.

Dosing apparatus for liquid proprietary medicinal products for application by using drinking water

The advantages of E-Dos Touch::

• precise dosage

• adjustable dosing relationship in dependence of the flow rate

• digital flow rate indication of current water consumption

• measurement and dosage with highest accuracy

• very easy to handle

• high consistent against many acids

• long-living

• extremely homogeneous mixing ratio through stepper motor-pump (E-Dos 2 Touch)

* see on the table

E-Dos 1 Touch and 2 Touch at the dosing comparison: