Drinkers CombiMaster
Easy to operate pin
Maximum hygiene and easy cleaning

CombiMaster Art. 4025-00/4050-00/4095-00

The CombiMaster has, like all LUBING nipples, the animal age adapted flow rate. The soft triggering of young birds allows smaller volumes of water to be delivered while the more aggressive triggering of older birds allows the delivery of larger volumes of water.

1. Low thread projection

The body rises only 4 mm inside the
nipple pipe. The cleaning inside the
pipe is much easier.

2. Acid-resistant Material

The high-quality materials provide
for highest stability and thus for
highest functional safety.

3. Increased wall thickness

The compact plastic body is still more resistant.

4. Optimized external outline

The hygiene-optimized form is especially easy to clean.

5. Large Body

The larger body facilitate for the animals the identification of the nipple.

6. Adapter-area

Direct attachment of cups on the nipple is possible.

Cup (4628-01)

7. Hygiene Surface

The extremly smooth inner surface and the outstanding hygienical characteristics of the plastic material avoid deposits.

8. Strong lower pin

The larger diameter of the lower pin allows the delivery of larger drops.

9. Feather soft triggering

The nipple is opened by the lower pin feather-softly and thus success an optimal water supply from the first day on.