Drinking system for Pigs
Stainless steel drinkers

Drinking systems for modern pig farming

Stainless steel nipple Item 6006-2 and 6026-2

LUBING nipples guarantees a reliable drinking water supply.

High quality

The high-quality materials used ensure very good acid resistance and the precise manufacturing ensures a long service life of the nipples.

High operational reliability

The nipples are connected directly to the water pipe (max. 6 bar).

Easy to connect

Gli abbeveratoi a morso sono collegati direttamente al tubo dell’acqua (max 6 bar).

Easy regulation of the flow rate

The flow rate can be regulated from the outside by means of the adjusting screws. Due to computer-controlled production, theese is always in alignment with the actuating lever. This ensures that access to the adjusting screw is always from above.

Technical Data: