Egg conveyors

Collecting, counting, transferring and transporting eggs from your hens has never been easier thanks to Lubing egg conveyors!

More than 70 years of working with farmers around the world has allowed us to develop a range of egg handling products to fit virtually any poultry farm.

Egg conveyors can adapt to virtually any poultry shed.

The several years of experience in egg collection confirm LUBING in a leading position in the world market as it has based its egg conveyors on the principles of maximum operational safety and minimum maintenance.

Our egg conveyors have established a strong position in the marketplace because of their exceptional quality, reliability, performance and trouble-free operation.

Lubing Egg conveyors allow the fully automated movement of eggs from the laying area to the storage, sorting and packaging area, creating linear, curved, uphill and downhill routes.

The simple design allows it to be applied in a wide variety of situations.The heart of the system is the egg collection chain, which by its arrangement minimizes damage to the eggs it carries.

The belt is equipped with stabilized plastic tubes, which are connected to the two side chains.

The flexibility of its design allows this system to be adapted to nearly any imaginable configuration with curves, angles, heights and distances.

Each egg conveyor is engineered and custom designed to offer the best possible performance.

And it is also guided by galvanized steel side profiles connected to each other and resting on the ground by height-adjustable support brackets.

A modular and reliable design that only Lubing can offer: thanks to accessories such as egg counters, dirt removal belt and cleaning units, every part of the egg collection process can be automated, minimizing time, effort and risk of eggs breakage.

Here is an overview of Lubing Egg conveyors: