Egg counter
high accuracy
in real-time

Egg counter
for conveyor systems

With the egg counter you always have an overview of your production quantities.

The integrated sensor monitors the entire width of the conveyor line and counts the eggs transported on the LUBING Conveyor-System with high accuracy in real-time.

The egg counter can be installed on the front drive or on a connecting part of the LUBING Conveyor-System.

On the basis of the currently determined conveying quantity, the transport quantity can thus be easily adjusted to the capacity of the packer/grading machine in the case of
frequency-controlled systems.

The conveying system is thus operated in a low-wear continuous mode without unnecessary start-stop operations.

Advantages of the Egg counter LUBING

  • highly accurate and reliable counting

  • no separation or alignment of eggs in the conveyor line necessary

  • can be installed flexibly in the conveyor line

  • easy installation with plug and play system

Technical Data

  • power supply: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz

  • for different conveyor belt speeds

  • egg counters have an IP54 (internal protection) rating