Input Unit
for Conveyor-Systems

Input Unit for Conveyor-Systems

Gentle handling of the eggs at the transition points

The advantages of the LUBING input unit:

• Significant reduction of damaged eggs at the transition point on the conveyor chain with rods up/down (28°).
• At 90° transitions, a transport quality equivalent to that of the standard belt is realized without having to sacrifice the increased gradeability of the conveyor belt up/down.

• Problem-free integration into existing conveyor systems.
• The feed chain is driven by the conveyor chain; no further drive is needed.

Input unit chain

The input unit chain is equipped with input tubes at a higher position, which are placed between the rods of the conveyor chain.

Owing to the reduced height differential, there is no hard striking of the eggs onto the lower metal rod of the conveyor chain.

The feed tubes are made of soft plastic and guarantee a protective handling of the eggs during the transition process.

The graphic above shows the forces which affect the eggs at various places in the transport path (recorded with a plottingegg).

At the transition point (position 3), shocks to the eggs can be significantly reduced with the input unit – the number of damaged eggs is reduced considerably.