Eurotier 2016

The 2016 edition of EuroTier featured the presence of the Poultry Show, an event held every four years that is the most important worldwide one in the livestock field.

Out of 2.629 exhibitors, Lubing, confirming its leadership in technology and innovation, was awarded the prize Innovation Award 2016 – Silver Medal for the Optima E-Control, the new pressure regulator for the drinking lines that ensures dry environment, improving the animals’ wellbeing:

The other innovations presented in the Exhibition are:

  • the LCW Touch Control, a touchscreen control panel for a state of the art level of drinking line washing
  • the LCS-2, a touchscreen control panel for the management of the Top Climate fog cooling system
  • the TopMaster, a completely stainless steel version of the CombiMaster nipple that gives an accurate water supply during the whole life cycle of the bird
  • the new electronic E-Dos medicine distributors for the correct supplement dosing
  • the Egg Input Unit, a unit that drastically reduces the quantity of damaged eggs during the transfer between two sections of the conveyor
  • the new Pad Climate Pump that allows reaching a length of 42 m
  • the Broiler Conveyor to transfer the birds inside the installation

The farmers and technicians, present in large numbers, welcomed with great interest all these innovations.