Pad Climate Systems
for evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling PAD CLIMATE

The Pad Climate technology is based on an evaporative pad, which can be made of paper or plastic, for cooling and humidifying the air that circulates inside the farms.

The Pad Climate is an innovative farm cooling system that allows animals to grow robustly in a healthy environment.

Pad climate systems
for evaporative cooling
for paper and plastic pads

The LUBING Pad climate system is made entirely of plastic

The LUBING evaporative cooling pad system is used in systems where highly efficient cooling is required.

It can be used for many different cooling purposes but is particularly suitable for evaporative cooling in poultry houses.

The evaporative cooling technology

Water is circulated through the system by a pump station and supplied to the top of the cooling pad via a water distribution pipe ant the deflector.

The water flows down the corrugated surface of the evaporative cooling pad. Part of the water is evaporated by the warm and dry air that passes through the pad.

The rest of the water assists in washing the pad, and is drained back to the pump station through a watergutter system.

The heat that is needed for the evaporation is taken from the air itself. The air that leaves the pad is therefore cooled and humidified simultaneously without any external energy supply for the evaporation process.

An entirely natural cooling process is nature‘s own cooling process.

Water distribution

With the special designed water distribution pipes for paper and for plastic pads and the newly designed deflector we achieved an optimum water distribution throughout the

Ball valves

The fine-tuning of the water amount are being made by the 2“ ball valve in the water line.

The 1“ ball valve is used to adjust the permanent water outflow (bleed-off).

Water gutter

The water gutter contains the entire water requirement of the system.

No external water tank is needed.

With the brackets, the water gutter is mounted to the wall or the floor.

Supply unit

The supply unit is delivered completely assembled – including integrated flushing adapter for the thorough flushing of the system.

The float valve ensures the supply of fresh water for a constant water level in the system.

Deflector profile

The newly designed deflector profile with an integrated hinge system allows easy access, quick inspection and an easier cleaning possibility.


All profiles are to clip to the Topbracket.

The pad guide enables a high stability of the single pads and they can be exchanged quickly.


Centrifugal pumps with integrated filter and 2“ pipes for optimal water circulation.

The pumps are available in three sizes for different system
lengths and with different voltages (see reverse).

Pad support for water gutter

Perfect water-recirculation by the newly designed pad support.

These are designed that rodents could not get into the water gutter.


• Easy assembly due to newly designed Clip-profiles.

• No corrosion – all parts made from PVC or Stainless steel.

• The water gutter contains the entire water requirement of the system. No external water tank is needed.

• Perfect water distribution along the top edge of the cooling pads due to a the newly developed water-deflector with integrated watertank in the bottom gutter.

Optimum water distribution throughout the pads

System with paper pads

System with plastic pads

Technical data

The Pad climate system is available in following basic sets1):

For paper pads

For plastic pads

Connection kit 2)

1) The basic sets include all necessary components: the water gutter system, the water distribution system and the supply unit, complete assembled.

Recommended installation:

Middle connection: max. 42 m

Front connection: max. 12 m

Types of pumps

Type 4
48 03 021

Type 11
48 03 011

Type 25
48 03 031

Standard voltage for all pumps is 230 V 50 Hz. Special voltage on demand.

Connection kit

2) The connection kits include Ø2“ pipes (4 x 2.5 m), holder, straight and 2 x 90 ° angle connectors and connection accessories. Maximum pad length behind connecting kit: 4.5 m for paper pads, 3.0 m for plastic pads.