The company decided to replace the previous panel air conditioning system with Lubing’s new Pad Cooling systems, and found the following advantages:

1. Collection tank integrated in the system: the external underground collection tank is eliminated, consequently eliminating an element that requires maintenance.

2. Ease of assembly: a simple wooden frame is created to which the system is fixed by means of simple self-tapping screws.

3. Homogeneous distribution of the water in the panel along the entire length, thanks to the design of the distribution profile. This eliminates the top speaker panel altogether.

4. The filter upstream of the pump blocks all the impurities present in the water (leaves, grass, feathers, etc.), guaranteeing continuous functionality, and drastically reducing maintenance.

5. Easy maintenance and cleaning.

6. Superior efficiency thanks to the uniform distribution of water over the entire surface of the panel.

7. No corrosion: the materials used are UV stabilized PVC and stainless steel.