Berica Poultry Farm DEL MONTE RUGGERO

The Berica poultry farm Dal Monte Ruggero, of Torri di Quartesolo (Vicenza), on the occasion of the replacement of the competitor’s electromechanical doser, decided to install the Unidos Electronic dispenser, with microprocessor.

Given the reliability demonstrated in recent years by the products installed in the watering system and the prestige of the brand, Berica poultry farming has chosen to still use LUBING products. With the previous doser the company dosed manually, adjusting the dilution percentage by means of a knob; the Doser Unidos – through a clear control panel – offers the possibility to access a range of options:

  • Manual: the operator decides the dosage percentage, start and end of the operation (subject to product exhaustion).
  • Quantity: the operator decides the dosage percentage and quantity of product to be dosed.
  • Time: the operator decides the dosage percentage and the duration time of the operation

The Unidos can be interfaced with the most common farm management units, providing water consumption data. In any case, the daily consumption and cycle consumption data are available on the display of the Doser itself.

The 180 l MIXER LUBING mixer (Art. 4258), necessary for concentrated products and powder products, was supplied in combination.