Fieragricola 2024

116th edition – Verona, January 31 – February 3

Although it was in conjunction with the IPPE exhibition in Atlanta, the influx of technicians and breeders was nonetheless sustained.

The Fieragricola 2024 Innovation Award committee awarded LUBING’s Combimasterchicken drinker with Foglie d’argento because it is a concentrate of technological innovation.

Commonly called an “overflow” drinker by farmers, it enters little into the tube, improving the water flow rate and increasing the amount available to the animals. The small steel tube is large enough in diameter to produce a small drop of water that attracts animals and is easily operated by even the smallest animals. The CombiMaster is also self-cleaning.

Along with the more innovative products were classic ones such as the rearing  Starter Cup for weaning hens, ducks and turkeys-an item that has been produced by LUBING for more than 40 years and still remains in demand by a segment of breeders who appreciate its simplicity and affordability.

On the systems side, industry players have shown considerable interest in understanding the advantages of plastic pads over paper pads for evaporative cooling.

Plastic pads on the market are on average 30% less efficient than paper pads, while LUBING pads, which are made of polypropylene and much lighter, have a similar efficiency with the difference that, over time, that of paper worsens while, thanks to the patented lattice, that of LUBING pads improves due to the formation of deposits that increase their exchange surface area.

In addition, paper pads by retaining dirt create a bacterial load that produces mold, odor, contamination, worsening hygienic conditions.

Another innovative product is the EasyLine 2.0 turkey drinker, which is much more durable than its predecessor and has the pendulum held in place by a through-pin, which animals cannot detach, and allows for simplified maintenance.

Farm automation is constantly growing, and the Automatic Flushing of drinking lines combined with the Optima E-Flush Pressure Regulator, equipped with a solenoid valve, is increasingly in demand because it allows cleaning, even daily, of the systems.

The Temperature Sensor allows automatic line flushing to be triggered when the water exceeds a certain threshold, such as 24° C.