FierAvicola 2011

LUBING at Fieravicola 2011, in Forlì, recorded a good turnout of breeders, company technicians and veterinarians. LUBING customers have demonstrated their satisfaction with the constructive and functional quality of the products, their reliability and durability. Potential customers, having received positive references, paused to ask for advice on the most appropriate products or systems for their needs. Among the innovations present, and which have aroused greater interest, we find:

1. the UNIDOS Electronic Doser which is an electrically powered injection pump controlled by a processor.
2. the Pad Climate System LUBING the evaporative panel made entirely of plastic.
3. the highly requested watering lines for turkeys, broilers and breeding stock.
4. TwinClean Line new generation of drinkers, with internal water circulation system and integrated water purification system.