Fieravicola 2015

During the 49th edition of FIERAVICOLA Forli 2015, LUBING presented updates on existing products as well as some new articles such as: 
• The TWIN CLEAN LINE drinking system whose main prerogative is hygiene. In fact, the design of the drinking line profile has been thought for easy cleaning, without parts where dirt may stick. The nipples on this system are the brand new Combi Master art. 4050-00, combined with the new-design drip cups art. 4028-01.
The main characteristic of the TWIN CLEAN LINE is the continuous water flow inside the pipes, guaranteed by a specific pump placed just after the pressure regulator. The water, continuously flowing in the pipes drastically reduces the formation of biological microfilm and bacteria, and keeps eventual sanitary treatments constantly mixed, thus preventing the formation of deposits and granting a homogeneous temperature and a constant and optimal flow to each nipple, from the first to the last in the drinking line, up to 120 meters with water supply at the line head.
• The automatic Flushing System for the rinsing of the drinking lines, complete with control unit art. 4480, kit with electric valve to be applied to the existing pressure regulator art. 4166-1, and drain kit art. 4158. This system allows the daily cleaning of the lines, considerably reducing the labour needed for this kind of operation.
• The Flushing System can be arranged also for manual use, installing the suitable breathing unit and the drain kit art. 4158 connected to a simple gutter system with external draining, like the one shown in our stand.

The following articles were also exposed:
• The well-known but constantly updated drinkers for broilers, layers, pullets, parents and turkeys.
• The UNIDOS system that allows the accurate dosage of medicament from 0.01% to 15% thanks to the LUBING digital control unit that allows a simple management of the various parameters, including a water meter and various dosing methods to adapt to different needs of the poultry house and to the administered treatments. On the catalogues are present 3 different models according to the pump capacity required by the farmers for their needs (broilers, breeders, layer hens). It is possible to combine the UNIDOS with the Lubing MIXER in the two versions (60 or 180 litres), both complete with a mixing unit that assures that the poured solution is always homogeneously mixed, without deposits.
• The PAD CLIMATE SYSTEM for the pad cooling panel, designed to maximize the performances of the cooling panels and reduce the assembly and service times at most. The main characteristic of the PAD CLIMATE SYSTEM is that it is a completely independent and self-sufficient system, as all the water needed to wet the panel is contained in the lower channel. The PAD CLIMATE SYSTEM has many other unique prerogatives that made it a standard in the modern poultry installations.
• The safe and reliable EGG CONVEYOR that, with its many versions, can meet all the needs of the eggs producers (breeder eggs and/or consumption eggs). The deep knowledge of the various solutions proposed by LUBING allows to transport the eggs from the production buildings to the egg room with the assurance of more than 30 years’ experience of constant development of this specific system.