FierAvicola 2023

2nd edition – Rimini, May 3-4-5

The biennial international trade fair in Rimini is the main event, for 2023, of the poultry and rabbit industry.

High attendance recorded by breeders, both Italian and foreign, technicians, veterinarians and specialists of the main integrators.

Interest in LUBING’s booth focused mainly on plastic evaporative panel cooling systems.

The patented LUBING plastic panel has a significantly higher efficiency than those of competitors, so much so that it can replace traditional cellulose panels without having to increase the surface area.

It is a unique panel in the world with these characteristics.

lubing plastic evaporative panel cooling

automatic egg collection lubing

LUBING is also the undisputed world leader in automatic egg collection systems with more than 1,600 technical variants of the trailing unit.

The success of the EasyLine 2.0 turkey watering systems, in both weaning and fattening versions, was again confirmed.

As for chickens, from the Master line, the popularity of the CombiMaster (plastic and steel) and SteelMaster (all steel) troughs continues.

Unique and therefore highly appreciated is the OPTIMA E-FLUSH system for automatic washing of trough lines.

In combination, ULTRAFLUSH makes it possible to remove all plant fouling by means of an ultrasonic system.

drinking systems lubing

egg conveyor lubing