Lubing's Combimaster wins 'Foglie d'Argento' innovation award

On the occasion of Fieragricola 2024, Veronafiere promoted, in collaboration with Edizioni L’informatore agrario, an initiative to enhance products that present an innovative content by awarding the “Foglie dell’Innovazione”.

The Commission established to award the Fieragricola 2024 innovation prize has awarded our CombiMaster nipple drinker for chickens with the Foglie d’Argento.

Decades of experience, constant research and continuous development have made LUBING the world leader in the drinking systems market.

The LUBING nipple drinkers model Combimaster offer a perfectly balanced water supply for all species and ages of poultry in every type of farming, contributing largely to this result.

abbeveratoio a goccia combimaster lubing

Thanks to specially developed manufacturing processes and the use of high-quality stainless steel and particularly resistant plastic materials, LUBING nipple drinkers have become the first choice for both equipment manufacturers and livestock farmers all over the world.

The Combimaster, like all LUBING drinkers, guarantees a flow of water suited to the age of the animals.

The larger diameter pin makes the drinker more “visible” to the animals, retaining the drop which the animals can immediately identify.

Furthermore, the shallower screwing depth in the pipe allows for double the availability of water for drinking and rapid elimination of any deposits.

This is also useful for improving control and reducing waste during vaccination treatments.

premio innovazione foglie d'argento lubing

Main features of the CombiMaster

Thicker walls – the compact plastic body offers even greater resistance and is also available in HR (High Resistance) plastic
Optimized external body design – the external shape has been designed to ensure maximum hygiene and make cleaning easy
Larger body – larger drinker body makes it easier for animals to identify drinkers
Area for adapters – in this area it is possible to attach dedicated accessories such as drip cups directly to the drinker
Acid-resistant material – the high quality of the materials used guarantees the best stability and functional safety over time
Low sealing thread – the body of the drinker enters the tube by only 4 mm, thus facilitating internal cleaning of the drinking line and increasing water availability
Hygienic surface – the extremely smooth and polished surfaces of the various components prevent the formation of deposits
Larger needle – larger operating needle allows for a larger drop
Easy-to-operate pin – the drinker is activated via the lower pin which guarantees the right amount of water from the first day of the chick’s life, being very easy to operate