Hobby Line
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Hobby Line

Our in-depth knowledge of the poultry industry and its many facets also enables us to design and develop ready-to-use solutions for small professional and hobby farms.

Here is a brief overview of some of the products recently released by our R&D department.

ET incubators

The semi-automatic digital incubators are designed to hatch hen-eggs as well as pheasant, guinea fowl, quail, partridge, grey partridge, rock partridge, turkey, palmipeds, peacock, pigeon, exotic birds and birds of prey. Depends by the model, capacity is up to 12, 14 or 49 medium/large eggs.

Designed to be simple and straightforward to use, they offer at the same time innovative technical solutions and high reliability.

ET SUPER incubators (Evo_1)

While maintaining the same operating features as the basic model, ET Super has a new, larger and more readable display and a more powerful processor that also allows you to count the incubation days, to vary the speed of the fan and and to switch on an internal light to check on the eggs or chicks.

ET Super is also equipped with both audible and visual alarms for malfunctions or failures.

ET TOP incubators (All_in_one)

A further evolution of the ET range of incubators, the TOP line (available in versions with 12, 24 or 49 eggs as well) takes full advantage of the potential of the IoT thanks to the wi-fi connection, which allows all incubation parameters to be set and monitored remotely.

This is done via the CovApp application, which can be downloaded from all smartphones with Apple or Android operating systems.

Nebula humidifier

The patented NEBULA® system can control humidity so that the set value is attained and kept constant, without producing wide, long-lasting and unwanted fluctuations in temperature and humidity during the incubation.

NEBULA® supplies energy to the water by means of an ultrasound generator, producing microscopic droplets that are instantly vaporised to create the desired humidity.

Solaris incubator

SOLARIS is an integrated system which allows the specific incubator to operate connected to various energy sources: not only batteries and mains, but also and above all solar panels.

It is a completely self-sufficient system from the point of view of energy: SOLARIS is able to absorb solar energy during the day simultaneously recharging the batteries which will then provide the necessary power during the night.

Ovomatic and Ovolvo (programmable egg turning unit)

Automatic egg turning units for semi-automatic ET incubators: they allow to adjust continuously and automatically the swinging egg tray inclination.

The egg turner motor, installed in one minute and without the need for modifications to the semi-automatic ET series incubators, makes them fully automatic.

Electric cereal mills

MISTRAL is the range of electric mills specifically designed for grinding any type of dry grain (wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn, millet, pepper, etc.) or any other dry non-oily product.

Suitable for hobby and home use for the production of ground cereal grain for animal use, MISTRAL is available in three versions to suit all needs: with a 50L capacity plastic bin, with a 20L sheet metal bin or with double-layer bag in polypropylene and jute.

Bell drinkers

Automatic bell drinker ideal for chickens, laying hens and small turkeys.

It works suspended and is equipped with an automatic valve that regulates the water level.

The drinker is made of high-quality plastic and it’s easy to clean. For this reason, it is often used also in the professional poultry sector.

Siphon drinkers

Hygienic and easy to fill, it is ideal for chickens, layers, turkeys and game.

It is characterized by the robustness of the components that also gives greater stability to the drinker.

The poultry drink from the basin placed under the siphon which fills up automatically and is easy to clean when necessary.

Rotary wet plucking machines

Cylindra is a sturdy, effective and easy to clean plucking machine.

It has been designed to be used for various types of poultry (chickens, turkeys, guinea fowls, geese, ducks, etc.).

After immersing the animal in hot water, which permits an easy plucking with no damage to the skin, put it into the plucking drum and close the lid.

The revolving plate makes the animal rotate: the repeated contact with the rubber fingers allows fast and effective plucking.

Treadle feeders

ALMA basica is our new treadle feeder in galvanized sheet.

Available in four capacities (11, 16, 19 and 30 liters), it is designed to avoid any waste of feed: only when the animal gets on the treadle the tilting door opens giving access to the food.

The closed conformation of ALMA basica ensures that the food is sheltered from the rain, as well as inaccessible to other birds, mice or vermin, thus avoiding the proliferation of dirt and dangerous diseases.

Linear feeders with grid

Feed trough for chicken in plastic.

The anti-waste grid is ridged to deter perching.

Birds can eat from both sides.

The grid is completely removable to facilitate cleaning and filling operations and is easy to mount thanks to the bayonet connections.

It is composed by two easy-to-assemble halves.

Hopper feeders

Galvanized hopper feeder, excellent for feeding older poultry.

It is supported by a vertical rod with three holes that allow as many regulation levels of the feed in the plate.

The adjustment takes place thanks to a split pin that fixes the cylinder at the desired height.

A hole in the upper part of the rod allows to hang the feeder.

COMPACTA hopper feeders

Very easy to assemble, the Compacta feeder is made in first quality durable plastic.

The feed in the tray can be adjusted using one of the three holes available.

The feeder comes complete with a lid and can be hung or placed on the ground, with or without the legs that lift it off the ground by 65 mm, keeping the feed clean and allowing the animals to eat more comfortably.

Rain shield for feeders

Rain shield designed for open-air rearing.

It allows to protect the feed in the plate from atmospheric agents.

Chick feeders and drinkers

Products suitable for chicks from the first days after hatching.

The disc bottle holder drinker for chicks is easy to use and fits all the different types of bottles on the market.

These products have been designed to speed up the farmer’s usual supply operations, thus saving time and resources, and at the same time to allow the animals to feed easily in a healthy and healthy environment.

For any information, please do not hesitate to contact us!