HR Pump units for Top Climate
Pumping unit in stainless steel

HR Pump Units for the LUBING Top Climate system
Acid-resistant stainless steel pump units

The advantages of LUBING HR pumps:

• highly resistant by using stainless steel components and high resistant plastics

• hygienic through the possibility to use disinfectant – the number of bacteria and germs load in the stables is reduced before hutching in new animals

• hygienic through the use of e.g. peracetic acid as in turkey stalls during the fattening period – the bacteria and germs load is reduced, and thus leads to a reduced use of medication

• environmentally friendly through the use of e.g. essential oils – the welfare of the animals is improved and any odor nuisance for residents decreased

Technical data

Values for 50 Hz, values in brackets for 60 Hz
Standard voltage 400 V 50 / 60 Hz.
Special voltages on request!

Energy consumption of the pump unit D-Line Vario HR

The Vario pump unit contributes through the intelligent adaptation of its own power to a sustainable and environmentally friendly operation.

Due to the frequency converter the speed of the pump is adapted to the actual amount of water, required in the system. The power consumption is controlled as required.

If the required amount of water is low, the energy consumption will automatically be lowered.