Campodarsego, 29/06/21

UltraFlush for drinking systems

Dear Customer,

Water is an essential factor for successful poultry management. Improved drinking water hygiene also improves animal health: a new addition to the LUBING portfolio takes hygiene and maintenance of LUBING drinking lines to a new level:


With UltraFlush, we use the proven ultrasonic technology (already used in cleaning units for conveyor chains). In the area of Drinking-Systems, an ultrasonic transducer is inserted into the drinking water line by means of a T-piece or, in the case of a feed tank, glued to the outside of the tank. Connected to a controller, the system is immediately ready for use.

UltraFlush removes particles so effectively that it should only be introduced in combination with a flushing system and only in a new installation: without a flushing system or in existing systems, there is a risk of causing blockages and damage to components due to the dissolved deposits.

The sound waves spread through the water, reaching every corner. By bringing the walls and the liquid into resonance, any further adhesion of microorganisms is prevented. The mechanical impulses do not affect water additives – the system only loosens and prevents deposits in the watering line. This makes it absolutely safe for water additives such as vaccines or medicines and it can be used in all phases from housing in to housing out.

We recommend one ultrasonic transducer for approx. 350 m drinking line length or 20,000 l tank volume. In addition, we offer controllers for the connection of one or two ultrasonic transducers. The ultrasonic transducers remain permanently active for the time that water is in the drinking line. This is only possible because UltraFlush is an ultrasonic system based on very gentle cavitation. Compared to other systems based on hard cavitation, no material damage occurs even after prolonged use. The power consumption for this is extremely low at 0.144 kWh per day.

Clean drinking tubes reduce or even completely avoid the use of chemicals and antibiotics!

Information and the video showing ultrasonic cleaning is available with the following link: Ultrasonic cleaning System ULTRAFLUSH

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lubing System SRL
Stefano Concina
Managing director