In the wide range of products that the well-known multinational LUBING produces, including drinkers for chickens, turkeys, laying hens, broilers, egg transport systems and systems for the cooling of poultry sheds, the latter are undoubtedly the most interesting for this summer season .

The two types of products are the Top Climate System and the Pad Climate System.

Pad Climate System

Lubing Pad Climate technology takes full advantage of the characteristics of water to create highly efficient cooling systems for livestock farms.

In fact, a cool environment with the right humidity level and reduced airborne dust is essential for raising healthy and robust animals.

The Pad Climate consists of a sturdy polypropylene structure where a series of evaporative panels, made of paper or plastic, are to be installed to cool and humidify the air passing through them.

poultry shed cooling evaporative panel lubing

Panel cooling systems are well known for cooling and humidifying poultry sheds, but plastic panels are relatively new.

The most common question is whether plastic panels can produce the same level of air cooling as traditional paper panels.

In short, the answer is yes.

With the patented LUBING plastic panel, the same cooling and humidity results are achieved as with paper panels.

But the difference lies in the fact that less energy is required for ventilation!

The special arrangement of solid surfaces and mesh structures (patented design) ensures ideal water distribution through the panel with less pressure loss than paper panels.

This allows proper wetting and less splashing, resulting in highly efficient cooling capacity in hot climate regions.

The use of high-strength polymer sheets in combination with thermal welding ensures maximum stability and long service life.

In addition, plastic panels can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer without damaging them, which also increases the service life of the plastic panel compared to paper panels.

In addition, the use of stabilizing additives ensures outstanding UV resistance for years.

Finally, it is emphasized that the requirements for water quality are very low.

poultry shed cooling evaporative plastic panel lubing

Top Climate System

The LUBING Top-Climate system was developed to effectively cool, humidify, and clean the farm air and has a direct positive effect on animal welfare.

It works according to the principle of direct evaporative cooling: with a very high system pressure of 70 bar, water is atomized particularly finely.

The immediate evaporation subtracts heat energy from the air in the shed and cools it of the environment.

In addition to regulating shed climate and increasing air humidity, Top-Climate systems are able to effectively reduce dust and particles present in the farm air.

The advantages of the Top Climate system:

• 70 bar water pressure: fast and effective cooling of the house without wetting
increase of air humidity to any desired value (maximum comfort between 60 and 70% relative humidity)
• effective dust suppression: positive influence on the respiratory organs of the animals
• less ventilation required: energy saving
uniform and regulated climate: active and healthy animals, constant laying performance for laying hens even in summer
• active influence on animal welfare: better feed conversion, reduction of aggression, natural behavior of animals, less use of drugs
• further use of the system for wetting and disinfecting
• possibility of connection to LUBING control units or other climatic computers
• possibility of fully automatic operation even of several sheds with a single pumping unit
compatible with all common ventilation systems

poultry sheds cooling misting lubing

For information on the various technical availability, for technical and commercial information contact your local dealer directly or contact the Lubing offices at +39 049 9202290.


egg collection conveyors lubing
Lubing starts its 2022 with a novelty: the new intermediate drive, which was completely redesigned and makes the use of egg conveyors even smoother and more flexible.

Lubing therefore continues with its philosophy based on the continuous development of the products range, to meet the changing needs of the modern farmer.

Always focused to the constant improvement of its solutions for poultry breeders, Lubing presents itself at the starting line of 2022 with a new product, the “Intermediate Drive 2.0”.

The intermediate drive is basically a drive motor that can be inserted into particularly long conveyor belts; depending on the length and type of route, the inclusion of one or more intermediate drives ensures a flowing and safe transport.

Lubing’s R&D engineers decided to completely redesign this element, optimising its compatibility with existing equipments and making the conveyor chain run even smoother.

A change that further improves Lubing egg conveyor systems, without changing the characteristics that have made them unique on the market for reliability and adaptability to virtually any space and situation.

So much so that they are chosen by hundreds of farmers around the world, who – for over seventy years – have seen in Lubing a strategic and reliable partner.

Professionals can in fact benefit from the experience of Lubing’s technicians in designing the most suitable conveyors for their poultry sheds, being able to create linear or curvilinear routes, with ascents, descents, lifts and even automated egg counting and line washing units, thus reducing time, effort and the risk of breaking shells to a minimum.

The new intermediate drive, available from February 2022, will initially work alongside the traditional hauler, before replacing it completely in the long term.

For information on Lubing egg conveyors:


intermediate drive egg conveyors lubing