Lift columns

Lift columns for Conveyor-Systems

Safe and reliable egg collection on separate tiers

The Principle
We call egg collection by means of lift columns a lift system.
In this process, the height of the conveyor system is adjusted so that each tier can be collected separately.

Safe and flexible
The lift columns with our range of accessories allow almost unlimited possibilities in the lift column configuration.

Egg collection with the lift system is a simple, compact and efficient process.

Since the transfer of eggs from one conveyor system to another always is a critical moment, the eggs in the lift system are only transferred once from the longitudinal belt to the conveyor.

This is a big advantage over elevator systems where the eggs have to be transferred twice.

The eggs must be transferred from the longitudinal belt to the elevator and from the elevator to the conveyor.

Wind eggs often cause heavy soiling of other eggs in an elevator because the eggs are transported one above the other in

Defective eggs cannot – as with lift systems – simply fall down.

After finishing the egg collection the conveyor system is moved into
the highest position called parking position.

This keeps the access to the laying area clear.

Two pivoting units are required for the usage of a conveyor system with a lift system.

A telescopic unit must be installed to compensate for the changing chain lengths.

Chain coupling

Chain couplings for straight connection of the drive shafts.

These allow easy mounting of the drive shafts.

Cardan joints

Cardan joints are used to connect drive shafts in bends.

Lift foot

The feet of the lift columns with stable chain redirection are bolted to the floor


End position switches ensure a precise approach to the individual transfer points.

Lift column with drive

Lift column with drive and dropguard.

The geared motor with DC brake ensures safe lifting and lowering.

Lift column without drive

Depending on the size of the system, lift columns without drive are required with or without drop guard.

Support arm

Stable support for the conveyor system.

Widths from 200 mm to 1000 mm are safely accommodated.


Adjustable struts ensure firm and secure fastening of the lift columns even with longer lift columns.

The advantages at a glance

· one conveyor system for all tiers

· only one egg transfer onto the conveyor system

· free access between the longitudinal belts by moving the conveyor system to the upper parking position

· solid design ensures very smooth movement and thus a gentle egg transport

In addition to the safety of gentle egg transport, the safety of our lift system is
also particularly guaranteed.

The drop guard is mounted separately, so that the conveyor system has a drop guard even if the drive chain (which is designed with 10-fold safety) should break.

The lift columns can be used flexibly even for routes with bends.

Technical data

*Lift column with 230/400 V 50 Hz drive and drop guard. Geared motor with DC brake and 6.3 rpm for safe lifting and lowering. Special voltages on request.

The limit switches are dry contacts (normally closed and normally open) which can be operated with 115-400 V AC, 24-220 V DC. The switches have UL/CSA approved and can also be used in the USA/Canada. The drop guard is designed to support loads of up to 250 kg. Depending on the length of the lift system, several drop guards or motors may be required. We will gladly provide a technical design for your application.