Touch Control LCW
Interactive control screen

LUBING Touch Control LCW
The interactive display screen controller
for automatic flushing

Main facts at a glance:

LUBING Touch Controllers LCW are distinguished by their intelligent system configurations and intuitive operating features. Frequently used functions are integrated as direct-access functions.

Less often used and administrative functions are placed in subordinate menus. Basically, pictograms and simple menu structures ensure that all required functions can be understood and activated quickly and easily.

Status messages and instructions are displayed in context on the interactive display screen, and guide users through operations in a logical sequence.

Besides the already known flushing functions LUBING Touch Control LCW offers several new possibilities.

With the function „Temperature-flushing“ can now the temperature of the drinking water be monitored and flushed out at high temperatures with fresh cool water.

With the „Refill“ function, the drinking line can treated water (for example, at a medication) – after previous calibration – precisely flush this treated water till the end of the drinking line.

The flushing can be done either by time- or water meter controlled. Operating functions can be expanded via CAN Bus. Updates are performed via SD card. A data logging functions can be activated as an option.

Clear symbols, simple menu structures

LUBING Touch Control is easy to use.

The ergonomically designed menu interface supports an intuitive grasp of features and capabilities.

The main functions are made directly accessible by simple pictograms:


These versions are designed for use with supply voltages ranging from 90 to 264 V 50/60 Hz.