Mobile mixing and dosing unit

This mobile unit represents an improvement in the area of mixing and dosing technology for LUBING watering systems.

With the Medomix 100 (item no. 040 001 01 02), we now offer a mobile solution for compartmental dosing into the drinking water.

This compact unit can be conveniently moved from one compartment to another using the robust chassis.

To add the active ingredient solution, the integrated functional line is simply connected to the drinking system in front of the desired compartment via hoses with quick-release couplings.


The mobile dosing unit is connected to the drinking line of the compartment by switching the shutoff valves accordingly.

The centrifugal pump of the Medomix 100 ensures continuous, homogeneous mixing of the active ingredient solution during the entire dosing process.

The permanent circulation prevents the active ingredients from settling at the bottom of the container.

This means that all the active ingredients added are actually available.


  1. drinking line
  2. float valve
  3. water tank
  4. pump
  5. entrance
  6. exit
  7. shut-off valve

Technical data

  • capacity: 100 litres
  • power supply: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • doser: D25RE5 1–5%