Drinkers SteelMaster
Stainless steel drinkers
Stable and safe over time

Nipple drinkers SteelMaster

The SteelMaster nipple drinkers are the ideal solution for keeping chickens, laying hens, broilers and other poultry species without any worries.

The SteelMaster is made of acid-resistant stainless steel; it is a reliable and functional poultry drinker, easy to clean and intuitive for the animals to operate.

The SteelMaster chicken drinker has been carefully designed to adapt to the different needs of poultry as they grow, so it can be used by both chicks and adult birds.

1. Low thread projection

The body rises only 4 mm inside the nipple pipe. The cleaning inside the pipe is much easier.

2. Acid-resistant Material

The nipple is completely made of
stainless steel. The high-quality materials provide for highest stability and thus for highest functional safety

3. Strong lower pin

The larger diameter of the lower pin allows the delivery of larger drops.

4. Hygiene Surface

The extremly smooth inner surface and the outstanding hygienical characteristics
of the material avoid deposits.

5. Feather soft triggering

The nipple is opened by the lower pin feather-softly and thus success an optimal water supply from the first day on.