Nipple drinkers
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Nipple Drinkers

In the Lubing range you will find a series of nipple drinkers for laying hens, chickens, broilers, ducks and turkeys developed over seventy years of experience in the industry.

Thanks to the best materials and an accurate design, Lubing’s nipple drinkers combine the best performance with an unrivalled durability.

Download the brochure or scroll down this page to discover the features of our stainless steel and plastic nipple drinkers, with vertical or lateral operation, and choose the most suitable one for your poultry species.

Patented LUBING Nipples

Nipple Drinkers - TYPE A

Nipple Drinkers TYPE A

Stainless steel body with thread and strictly vertical action.

Drinkers TYPE B

Plastic body with thread and strictly vertical action.

Nipple Drinkers - TYPE B

Nipple Drinkers - TYPE C

Drinkers TYPE C

Plastic body (yellow) without thread with vertical and side action.

Stainless steel body without thread with strictly vertical action.

Drinkers TYPE D

Stainless steel body with thread and vertical and side action.

Nipple Drinkers - TYPE D

Nipple Drinkers - TYPE E

Drinkers TYPE E

Plastic body with thread and with vertical and side action.

Drinkers TYPE F

CombiMaster and SteelMaster New nipple with bigger body (CombiMaster) and pin.

Less height in the nipple pipe.

Nipple Drinkers - TYPE F

The advantages of LUBING Drinkers

  • Screw in depth offers a sump at the nipple pipe bottom.
  • Closest gap is in the highest position of the nipple.
  • No additional sealing elements at the nipple pipe necessarily.
  • No breakdown outline at the nipple pipe.
  • No sensitive attachments for the admission of the nipples.
  • Definite sealing seat.
  • Durable and precise parts in the valve, made of high-grade steel, provide for long life span.
  • The animal age adapted flow rate from the first day to ready for the market ones.
  • Tightness of the nipples already with small operating pressure.

Replacement nipple

Twin-Lock-Nipple - Art. 4069-01Twin-Lock-Nipple
Art. 4069-01

Replacement nipple

J-Lock-Nipple - Art. 4079-01J-Lock-Nipple
Art. 4079-01

Product choice according to the kind of poultry

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