Top Climate for pigs
with dust binding

Pig Farm Cooling TOP CLIMATE

The Lubing Top Climate cooling system is also perfect for pig farms.

Thanks to the high-pressure atomized water emitted by the Top Climate, you will get a milder climate, with the right level of humidity and no dust in the air, guaranteeing pigs a healthier environment in which to grow up healthy, robust and serene.

Top Climate system Cooling, humidifying, dust binding with 70 bar (1000 psi) water pressure with high pressure nozzles art. 7341

The principle

The LUBING Top Climate system has been developed for an effective humidifying, cooling and dust binding of the house air.

It works according to the principle of the direct evaporative cooling.


Through high pressure nozzles water is injected into the house air with a pressure of 70 bar as fog.

The fog evaporates immediately and causes the cooling of the house air by extracting heat.

This cooling effect saves energy because the ventilation rate can be throttled.


During heating periods and after the arrival of young animals the LUBING Top Climate system is used for the rise of the humidity to optimum value.
The LUBING Top Climate system for pigs allows an effective airconditioning on the pig sector.

The system cooperates successfully with any kind of ventilation system, no matter if it concerns a comb house or a single house.

The LUBING Top Climate system operates separately in every single compartment with only one pump unit, so different house areas can be cooled, moistened and soaked.

FlexClamp system

FlexClamp system with stainless steel nozzle and with tube clip.

Cutting ring coupling

Cutting ring coupling made of stainless steel for secure connection of the nozzle lines.

Central filter unit

Central filter unit with medicator.

Pump unit – D-Line

Pump unit with direct drive.

Press Fix

Press Fix is a joint unit made of stainless steel.

Just set in and press to fit.

A simple and safe connection

Steel tube

Stainless steel tube with welded adapter, stainless steel nozzle and plastic tube clip.

Touch Controller

The interactive controller for the control and monitoring of the pump unit.


Solenoid valve for separate activation of areas in multi-compartment stables.

The advantages

• Fast cooling in the house without any wetness.

• Increase of the humidity to every value desired (greatest well-being between 60 – 70% relative humidity).

• Effective dust binding influences positively the breath organs of the animals, less application of medicine.
• More active animals by proper climate, even at high outside temperatures.

• Better feed conversion.

• Optimum performance.

• Less aggression, natural animal behaviour.

• Individual use for animals of different ages.

• Less sows returning to heat.

• Use of the system for soaking and for disinfection.

• LUBING medicator to spray in medicated drinking water (for prevention and therapy of respiratory diseases).

• Connection via LUBING controls also to other climate computers and thus fully automatic operation of several houses possible.

Main facts at a glance

Type of pump and art.

Flow rate per nozzle at 70 bar: 5,3 l/hour

*Standard voltage 400 V 50 Hz. Special voltages on request!

We shall be pleased to work out an offer for your individual needs.

Very important: The layout of the LUBING Top-Climate-System depends on the house dimensions, the ventilation system and the animal species.

The delivery program of the LUBING Top-Climate-System covers, besides the various small articles such as the installation accessories, the switch boxes and controller.