Plastic flooring systems
for pigs and piglets

Plastic flooring systems for pigs and piglets

All LUBING flooring systems are made of high-impact polypropylene.

These high quality floorings are suitable for using in flat decks and farrowing pen.

An individual layout is made possible by the offered variety of types and sizes.

Easy installation: The floorings can be easily cutted to individual length to meet your requirements.

Your advantages:

• patented overlapping interlock system

• easy and fast installation

• permanently tested with 3 times overload

If necessary the floorings can be removed easily at any time after installation.

Flooring for corridor ventilation closed, 400 x 400 mm

Art. 6032-11

Flooring for pigs, closed 600 x 300 mm

Art. 6044-11

For sows up to 280 kg in farrowing pens

Flooring for pigs 600 x 300 mm

Art. 6043-11

For sows up to 280 kg in farrowing pens

Flooring for pigs 600 x 400 mm

Art. 6041-11

For sows up to 280 kg in farrowing pens.

Posatoio per suinetti 400 x 400 mm

Art. 6030-11

For weaners weighing up to 30 kg in flat deck houses.

Side compensation piece

Art. 6055-11

For the improvement of the hygiene by closing the gaps along the sides of the system

Flooring for pigs 600 x 500 mm

Art. 6042-11

For sows up to 280 kg in farrowing pens.

Special drip off profiles

Asure perfect hygiene and easy cleaning.

Advantages of the LUBING flooring systems

• special skin and joint preserving surface

• optimum comfort by constant temperature of the material

• adjustable to desired length by cutting

The plastic flooring system is designed in accordance to the „Recommendations for new and redesigned pig houses“

With the special surface structure the flooring system asures

• optimum hygiene

• easy and fast cleaning

• easy scat disposal

• fast drying

Hot water piglet heating system

• specially developed plastic construction with integrated stainless steel pipe

• diffusion-proof pipe system

• easy cleaning

Main facts at a glance

a. masonry
b. hard fired brick
c. approx. 5 cm width for support elements

Dimension for flooring support:

Technical data:

Exemplary flooring system for straight farrowing pens.

Technical data:

Material: High-impact polypropylene

Color: green

Load bearing capacity:

Test area: 100 x 100 mm central