Plastic pads
for Pad Climate

Plastic pads for the
Pad Climate System

Advantages of the Plastic pads

For evaporative cooling of poultry and pig houses.

Excellent cooling capacity – patented design: the special layout of solid surfaces and mesh structures ensures perfect water distribution all through the Pad.
This allows perfect wetting, less splashing water, and therefore excellent cooling capacity.

• Easy to clean: the use of welded, highly resistant polymer sheets allows the Plastic-Pad to be cleaned without difficulty and without damaging the Pads.

• Long service life: the use of polymer sheets in combination with thermal welding guarantees best stability and a long service life.

Lowest pressure loss: the Plastic-Pad is characterized by low pressure loss. At an air velocity of 1,5 m/s the Plastic-Pad’s pressure drop is only at 10 Pa. Because of the low pressure drop the Plastic-Pad minimizes the energy consumption substantially.

High UV resistance: the use of UV-stabilizing additives ensures outstanding resistance to UV light for years.

Impermeable to light: the Plastic-Pad’s geometry blocks out light.

Chemical resistance: the Plastic-Pad is made of Polypropylene. This material is highly resistant to most of all chemicals.


Technical data