in the continuous search for the optimization of its products, today LUBING informs you of a
change on the PAD-COOLING SYSTEMS.

The support grid of the PAD panel 9 will no longer be supplied in 50cm sections but in a single 3m long section.

This product modification only concerns PAD-COOLING systems for 15cm panels and guarantees better stability of the entire system.

Following this change, the 50cm piece of support grid will no longer be present in the supply unit (pump) carton.

The grids will be 3m and they will be included in the cartons with the water gutter

PAD-COOLING systems for 10cm panels will keep the support grid in 50cm sections, however in this case the packaging will change.

For practical reasons, the section of grid previously present in the supply unit box will be moved to the box with the side Pad end cover kit and the 2.5m middle element.

The code for the 3m support grid is “002 1 304 0”.

The 50cm sections will however remain available.

Below you will find a table with the old and new codes to be used for the new systems, which will be called PSE for better identification.

At present, the available stock of the old model will be exhausted and the conversion will be
automatic to the new PSE version without further notice

If you need to associate your item codes, please let us know as soon as possible. All other conditions remain unchanged.