Floor-watering system
for turkeys

turkey drinkers EasyLine LUBING

Turkey Drinkers EASYLINE

“EasyLine” 2.0 is the ultimate in turkey drinkers system for  rearing and finishing.

Simply replace the cups of the drinkers and quickly adjust the height of the system to follow the growth of the turkeys, providing them with fresh water in a cleaner, more comfortable environment.

The new 2.0 version features a pendulum with two nipple drinkers and is designed to give Lubing turkey drinkers greater reliability and longevity.

Floor watering system “EasyLine” 2.0 for turkey rearing and finishing

The LUBING floor watering system
for turkeys consists of the following
1. Water supply
2. Drinking elements
3. Breather unit
4. Suspension

1. Water supply

The main water supply secures an optimum water quality for a long service life of the nipple drinkers.
The water should have the quality of drinking water. At any case the water must be filtered.
The water runs from the main water supply through the pressure regulator with integrated flush system into the drinking lines. The pressure regulator is available for front or middle-installations.

2. Drinking elements

The drinking lines are supplied in assembled elements of 3m length.
These elements are to be coupled to the length of the house.

3. Breather unit

At the end of each drinking line a flush breather unit is installed. All valves of the breather units close during the flushing, which could be started by hand or alternatively by the automatic flush system.

4. Suspension

The drinking lines are suspended by hangers, which are stuck on the aluminium profiles every 3 m.
These hangers are connected with a suspension cable via ceiling pulleys with the central hoisting cable.
The drinking line can be adjusted to the desired height by Hand winch or ceiling winch and can be winched up easily to the ceiling for emptying or cleaning.

Main water supply

Optimum water quality increases the service life of the drinking systems.
With integrated doser for the supplement of vitamins or medicines.

Hand winch

The right height adjustment will be done trouble-free by the hand or the ceiling winch.


In the mixer additives, e.g. vitamins or medicines, are permanently circulated
while being added to the drinking

Rearing cup

For low losses during the first days use the LUBING starter balls. These secure a sufficient water level in the cups like
a ball valve.

Pressure regulator Optima E-Flush

With the pressure regulator the water column can be adjusted as needed.
The optional screw-in actuator allows automatic flushing of the drinker line.

Mount protection

The LUBING anti-stall system is connected to an electrical control unit.

Finishing cup

The finishing cup is designed for the tom finishing.

This big round cup is more stable and catches easily the water spillage.

Flush breather

The flush breather unit at the end of each drinking line works, e.g. with the LUBING flush controller, automatically.
For flushing is no additional handling necessary.

The principle of the pendulum

The double nipple pendulum gets deflected with the head of the animal at every absorption of water.
This opens one of the two turkey nipples and the water from the 28 mm square tube flows along the outside of the pendulum into the cup (picture above).
The new equipment of each pendulum with two nipples easily accessible from the outside ensures an even more reliable function of the drinker. In addition, the service life is increased and maintenance is made easier.
For rearing, we recommend a starter ball Ø30 mm, which raises the water level during the first few days. The rim of the cup is cleaned by the wattles and neck feathers of the birds at every drinking session. Therefore the optimal height for the animals is necessary.

Perfect water supply

The central element of the floorwatering system is the turkey nipple
art. 4001-4

The combination of the pendulum and the different stainless steel reinforced drip cups ensures a dry manure and best results for the rearing and fattening for every age of the turkey.

Snap Starter Cup

The Snap-Starter-Cup item no. 3008 is used for rearing:

  • turkeys

To prevent the snap starter cup from knocking off through the birds, the clamp item no. 001 250 23 00 is required.

The Snap-Starter-Cup is fixed over the nipple on the nipple pipe.

Our Top-Nipple or standard nipple driker is required for use.

For turkey rearing, 25-30 animals per cup can be calculated if only Snap-Starter-Cups are used.

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