Ultrasonic cleaning System ULTRAFLUSH

Ultrasonic cleaning System ULTRAFLUSH

LUBING Drinking-Systems are proven and hundred thousand times approved systems for the optimal water supply of your animals in all types of poultry housing. In order to meet the increasing animal welfare and hygiene requirements, the automatic flushing systems from LUBING can be equipped from the start with the ultrasonic cleaning technology UltraFlush.

UltraFlush removes particles so effectively that it should only be installed in combination with a flushing system and only in a new installation: without a flushing system or in existing systems, there is a risk of causing blockages and damage to components due to the loosened deposits.

The UltraFlush ultrasonic cleaning system can seamlessly integrated into newly build drinking lines as an add-on unit.

The ultrasonic transducer is installed downstream of the water supply directly on the water supply line and has its own electronic control system.

The automatic flushing system ensures that all loosened particles and impurities can be flushed out of the system.

The mechanical impulses do not affect water additives – the system only loosen and prevents deposits in the drinking line.

This makes it absolutely safe for water additives such as vaccines or medicines and can be used in all phases from chick or bird arrival to the end.

1. LUBING Touch Control LCW

• automatic flushing of up to 10 drinking lines

• programmable flushing processes

• great time savings compared to manual flushing

2. Optima E-Flush

• newly developed flush valve for pressure regulator and actuator

• prepared for automatic flushing; no further attachments are required

3. Actuator

• opens and closes the flush valve in the pressure regulator

• still allows manual flushing processes

4. Flush breather unit

• works fully automatic

• is closed by the flushing water pressure during flushing processes

• directs flush water out of the system

5. UltraFlush control

• fully automatic function

• low power consumption

• no operation or adjustment required

6. Ultrasonic transducer

• can be connected directly to the water supply

• sends ultrasonic waves into the system and loosens effectively any type of impurities

7. Ultrasonic waves

• the ultrasonic waves pass evenly through the entire system

• mechanical cleaning down to the last corner without using chemicals

8. Drinking nipple

• proven LUBING quality

• are not attacked by the gentle cavitation of the ultrasonic transducers

ADVANTAGES of the ultrasonic cleaning System Ultraflush

• incomparable cleaning effect in combination with the automatic flushing system

• removes effectively biofilms and deposits

• no need for chemical additives

• perfect hygiene for all types of floor management housing

• significantly reduced use of medicines

• lower mortality rates

• improved weight gain

• easy installation

• with all LUBING Drinking-System components usable

• cleaning of all components within the drinking line


In addition to the flush breather unit and the drain kit, which are required at the end of the drinking line, a drain pipe* must be installed for the automatic flushing system.

Other components required are the Optima E-Flush pressure regulator and the controller LUBING Touch Control LCW, as well as extension boxes if required.

The temperature kit (Art. 4488) for temperature-dependent flushing and filling is optionally available.


Technical Data

Automatic flushing:

• Input voltage – controller: 90 to 264 V AC / 50/60 Hz.

• The actuators are supplied with 24 V DC from the controller.

• The LUBING Touch Control LCW controls up to 10 drinking lines, each extension box up to 8 more.


• Input voltage – controller: 100 to 240 V AC / 50/60 Hz.

• The transducers are supplied with 12 V from the controller.

• Energy consumption: 6 W (0.14 kWh/day)

• One ultrasonic transducer cleans up to 350 m of drinking lines or 20,000 liters of tank volume.

* Please observe the legal requirements for wastewater treatment.