In the conveyor systems product area, all LUBING drive units with a drive shaft Ø 30 mm will be equipped with a standardized motor flange (= universal flange) in the future.

This universal motor flange allows crossproduct use for all drive units.

The universal flange replaces the previously used variants of aluminium, plastic and sheet metal motor flanges.

This design change significantly simplifies and optimizes spare parts management.

The universal flange consists of a cast aluminium flange and a Ø 30 mm grooved ball bearing.

The motor is fixed using a torque support consisting of two spacer plates and the corresponding screw material.

The following table provides information on the motor flanges that will be replaced by the universal flange in the future.

It also contains the item numbers for future spare part orders, as the old motor flanges will only be available as spare parts for a limited period of time.

Installation of a flat gear motor to a universal flange with torque support

The following instructions show the installation of a flat gear motor to a universal flange using the example of a front drive.

Installation on another drive unit is carried out as described.

The universal flange (1) is attached to the side plate with four M10x25 countersunk screws.

The torque support (2) is mounted to the universal flange using four M8x25 round-head screws, washers and nuts (3).

Dismantle the torque support. Remove the four M8x25 cup square bolts (3).

Pull off the torque sup-port (2) as a unit.

Attach the torque support to the flat gear motor using
six hexagon screws M8x16 (4) and washers.

Note: Make sure that the four previously removed M8x25 cup square bolts (5) are put back through the holes in the torque support before installation.

Push the flat gear motor with the torque support
onto the drive shaft. Ensure that the parallel key (6) is correctly seated.

Light lubrication of the drive shaft makes it easier to slide the flat gear motor on.

Finally, fasten the torque support to the universal
flange using the four M8x25 cup square bolts and the
corresponding washers and nuts (7).