Water supply kit

Water Supply Kit with
spiral hose Item 4151-I

LUBING has enriched the product range for drinking accessories with the new water supply kit art. 4151-I consisting of a spiral hose 12x15mm in PA12 complete with two elbow connectors ½” respectively male and female.
The spiral shape of the hose facilitates the cleaning of the house, when the drinking lines are raised up during the maintenance of the litter at the end of the cycle.

The specific patented fittings guarantee a perfect sealing even  during the flushing operations of the lines with high-pressure water.

High quality plastic guarantees a long service life.

The combination of LUBING plastic shut-off valve art. 3325-00 with clamp art. 4378-00 for pipes Ø 25mm or clamp art. 4379-00 for pipes Ø 26.7mm ensures a fast and safe connection to the water line.

Clamp 4378-00/4379-00

Shut-off valve 3325-00

Install the shut-off valve 3325-00 directly to the pressure regulator [2] or the Ball-Tank [3].

At the other side of the shutoff valve screw in the ½” female elbow connector, mounted on one end of the spiral hose.

Screw in the ½” male elbow connector at the other end of the spiral hose onto the upper clamp, taking care to insert the rubber/steel sealing washer supplied with the kit.