Water supply with doser
Water supply with doser
Water supply with E-Dos
Electric doser E-Dos

Water supply
with the Main water supplies
and the Mixers

Main water supplies

The main water supplies from LUBING incl. all components needed for an optimum water supply:

• the water-meter
• the pressure reducing valve
• the water filter
• the medicator.

These components are interconnected by flanges and allow an easy and fast exchange of the elements.


The medicator works without power and is integrated into the Main water supply. The water pressure acts as
driving force.

The medicator sucks the concentrate (medicine, vitamins, etc.) from the mixer, measures the required
dose percentage and mixes it with the incoming water in the mixing box.

This mixture will be fed into the Drinking-System. The dosage is always constant and proportional to the water
quantity even with possible pressure and water flow fluctuations

1. Water inlet
2. Mixing box
3. Water outlet

32 versioni

Main water supplies are available in 32 different versions for 3/4’’, 1’’ and 11/4’’- connections and with different medicators.

All versions work also equipped with an electrical doser. Versions are listed in the E-Dos prospectus.


• fast installation, little room needed
• easy on-/off-handling
• easy dosage of the medication
• no need for supervision
• change of dosage possible during operation
• operation possible with low pressure
• low noise

Main water supplies

Art. 4248 / 4258

Powdered and thick medicines can lead to deposits in the valve and pipes and causes blockages or leakages if not mixed sufficiently.

The LUBING Mixer art. 4248 with 60 litres and art. 4258 with 180 litres mix the medication liquid (water and medicine) over a rotary pump during the entire dosing time.

The water quantity is filled in over the water inlet (a). As soon as the wanted quantity is achieved, the inlet hose is changed onto the valve (b).

The medication liquid will be sucked by the Dosatron Medicator into the water supply line. In the Mixer lid, with childproof safety catch, there is an opening for
the suction hose.

As soon as the quantity of medicine has been sucked, fresh water automatically goes to the valve (b) and cleans the system and the medicator.